Garage Upgrade


Is it time for a garage upgrade? When you are thinking about upgrading your home, don’t just think of the areas you use most often. Most people’s priorities are the kitchen, bedroom, or a bathroom. The fact is that you spend some time in your garage almost every day. There are many ways to make great improvements to your garage. Read on to get some good ideas for your next garage upgrade.

1. Give the floor a facelift

Most garages floors are concrete. It is often not sealed,  washed, or replaced. Years of staining can make it a dirty eyesore. However, the cost to upgrade the floor is less than you’d realise. If there are only a few cracks, the floor can be sealed with an epoxy, after cleaning. That way any future spills can be easily cleaned up – and the floor will look great as well.

2. Make use of that ceiling space

A garage’s primary purpose is to store cars but in most homes, thay are also being used for storage. Many people think up clever ways to allow cars and storage to co exist on the floor, but many forget that they have a whole other surface you may not have thought of, the ceiling. Many garages have an exposed ceiling space which makes it a) easy to access and b) easy to attach shelving and support. The task of getting a great garage upgrade by creating an overhead storage scheme can be done over a weekend. Remember! Make sure you leave enough space for the doors to open and close.

3. Replace your garage door

So much for the interior of your garage, but don’t forget the exterior. Improve your home’s curb appeal. It is very likely that your garage is the first things that catch a visitor’s eye. By replacing your  garage door with a modern, well designed and thought out sectional, tilt or roller door, you can really improve your house’s appearance.

4. Bring your garage door up to date

In more recent times, technology has really found its way into every aspect of our lives, and garage doors are no exception. Did you know that the technology exists that allows you to open your garage door from your smartphone? Even when you are not home, you can open the door to allow access for a friend or delivery.

5. Expand your living area

If you don’t want to park your cars in the garage, why not turn it into more living space? Add a pool table or a bar and turn your garage into another entertaining area. If you have young children, a converted garage is usually a place you can enjoy with friends without waking up the kids.

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