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Are Custom Garage Doors an Option for You?

When considering garage doors, tilt or roller doors are often the types of door that are considered. Both these types of door are widely used on garages of all shapes and sizes and can be a great alternative. Most builders will create a garage opening in a standard size, but sometimes custom garage doors are needed. It could be that you have built a garage to store a larger vehicle or a boat.

Where Do I Get Custom Garage Doors?

Sesame Garage doors offer a comprehensive design and manufacture service to make your custom garage doors. We offer sectional, tilt or roller style, complete with automatic openers that can even be connected to your home automation system.

Variety of materials available for your garage door

Although garage doors have been traditionally made of timber or (particularly for industrial doors) steel, the reality is that new, synthetic alternatives offer significant benefits over more traditional materials. A synthetic timber door, for example, has all the good looks of wood, but doesn’t require the maintenance natural wood has to have in order to prevent deterioration. Synthetic garage doors can also be lighter, more hard-wearing and cheaper to purchase than a timber or steel alternative. Available in an amazing selection of colours and styles, if you’re looking for a side roll door that can be tailored to your taste, synthetic choices are probably going to be best.

We are able to customise your door to your specific requirements, giving you the choice of commissioning custom garage doors that has the appearance and features you want for your property.

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