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Are roller garage doors the best option?

Roller garage doors are a popular option with homeowners and businesses for many reasons. If you’re considering a replacement door, or trying to decide on the best option for a new installation, it’s worth taking a look at the benefits which roller garage doors can bring, as well as circumstances when another type of garage door might be a better investment. Here we take a look at the advantages which roller garage doors can bring, as well as some circumstances when a sectional door might be more appropriate.

Are roller garage doors really what you want?

A standard-sized garage can accommodate either a roller door, tilt or a sectional version: roller garage doors require more space above the garage door, but don’t require runners in the same way as a sectional door. In practice, this usually means that either is an acceptable option. If you have a double garage, a sectional door is going to be the best choice, as a residential roller door isn’t normally available in lengths greater than six metres.


Garage doors are available with one layer of material in their construction, or two. Obviously, in terms of withstanding a full-on assault, a double layer is going to be stronger. It, therefore, pays to opt for a sturdier door, regardless of type. While sectional doors may have a slight strength edge due to their construction, their locking mechanism can be a weak point. In contrast, a roller garage door with a strong locking mechanism will frequently have the edge.


Tilting doors require space as they move outwards and upwards, which can be a problem on tiny driveways. In such circumstances, a roller door could be a better option, as no room outside the garage is required at all in order for it to function effectively.

Visual appeal

Both sectional and roller garage doors are available in a selection of colours and finishes, enabling homeowners to pick the one that works best with the rest of their property. Although both sectional and roller garage doors have benefits, a roller door is often the best all-round choice when it comes to versatility and value.

Photo: Garage Doors Athena Glass Sandcast Bronze Finish by carywaynepeterson licensed under Creative commons 6

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