Choosing Your Garage Door Colour Is Easier Than You Might Think

Regardless of if you need to replace an existing garage door or building a new home, you will find yourself faced with almost unlimited colour choices for the various surfaces, including the garage door colour. Carefully choosing the right colours and combinations is vital, as you will need to live with the choice for a long time and making the wrong choice can adversely affect the value of your home.

Taking a structured approach to choosing your garage door colour can make things a little easier, consider the following:

Common Garage Door Colours

Let’s start with the most common colours – and there’s a reason why they’re popular, one or more of these colours will go well with almost any colour scheme:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Dark brown

Remember, a garage door is quite a large surface to cover and, more often than not, will need to blend in with the rest of the exterior. Using a neutral shade as a garage door colour doesn’t stop you from adding splashes of colour in other places, such as the front door or window surrounds. Neutral is probably the safest choice when it comes to picking a colour for your garage doors.

Coordinating Your Garage Door Colour

Most of the time, you don’t want your garage door colour to be exactly the same as the rest of the house, so think about a contrasting or complementary colour. You wouldn’t want blacks or blues to be placed in a brown or cream coloured scheme.

So look at the existing or planned colour scheme for your house. What materials are being used? Will there be exposed wood, brick or stone? Is there a coloured render being used? Pick a coordinating colour to what’s there and always bear in mind the curb appeal of the house.

If you feel a coordinating colour is too bland or samey as the rest of the neighbourhood, choose a contrasting colour Рbut not too stark a contrast.

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