Garage Door Repair Companies – Tips on How to Choose One

Your garage door may not be working properly or is making a strange sound when it operates. You may be able to work out what the problem is yourself. If you need to call in the garage door repair experts, how do you know which company to choose? We’ve put together a list of key points to check out when you are looking for one.

Are They Licenced?

Find out if the company you are looking to hire is licenced and qualified to carry out the work they will be doing? Garage door installation requires a number of different certifications, including electrical and engineering.

Get Multiple Quotes

It’s obvious that you would do this to ensure you are getting a fair price. However, you can also get other information from a quote. If you have two or three quotes within a reasonable margin of each other and one that is very cheap – ask yourself why that might be? Do they have the experience you can trust? Are they insured? Will they guarantee their work?

Ask For a Recommendation

If you have been in an area for a while, you may wish to ask you neighbours for their recommendation. A referral or warning from a friend with experience with a garage door repair company will be helpful with making your decision. Look on their website, do they have testimonials or feedback from clients shown?

What Else Do They Do?

Check out whether the garage door repair company you are looking at seriously does other things. Do they also supply and fit new doors? Do they have experience with all types of doors such as roller doors, sectional or tilt doors? Quite often a reputable garage door repair service will be offered by larger and more experienced companies that do new doors as well as repairs.

Sesame Garage Doors offers a complete garage door repair service. Contact us today for a free and competitive quote.

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