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Garage door security: How dangerous is a broken garage door spring?

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An often forgotten part of garage door security. Do you have a broken garage door spring? The springs on your garage door are a vital part of the lifting mechanism, providing a counterbalance to the force of gravity which drags your door downwards. They regulate the rate of door descent, preventing it from crashing downwards at speed. Due to their function, not only are garage door springs a vital safety measure, they are also put under a significant amount of strain. Repeated opening and closing cycles will inevitably cause the springs to wear: if your door hasn’t been installed properly, or other parts of the operating mechanism have begun to wear, uneven forces could be applied to the springs. This may cause one to wear out faster than the other, resulting in a broken garage door spring – and a break in your¬†garage door security.

Have you inspected your garage doors recently?

If a spring snaps suddenly, it could cause a very nasty accident. For this reason, as well as to prevent a worn spring putting unnecessary strain on other parts of the door moving mechanism, regular inspection of the operating system is essential. As well as being able to see signs of wear on the spring, the following may also be symptomatic of a broken garage door spring:

– The door sticking, or moving up and down unevenly
– Unusual noises during operation: the noise is often only on one side of the door
– Difficulty opening the door
– The door not closing properly, or taking several attempts to close

In all these circumstances, it’s usually wise to get the springs checked by a professional to check your garage door security. It may be the case that the spring needs replacing in order to make the operating mechanism safe. Given the danger if the spring breaks, it really is worth getting it checked. If the spring isn’t the problem, a skilled tradesman should be able to identify what’s causing the problems you’re experiencing and sort the matter out.

If you suspect that you have a broken garage door spring, it’s important not to just leave it. The operating problems are unlikely to resolve themselves and will almost invariably get worse over time. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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