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If you are not sure when you last had your garage door replaced, then you may wish to think about doing so. Many homeowners have cheaper garage doors installed that did not consider garage door safety or security when installed. As time goes by the little protection they provide gets less.

If you can’t say off the top of your head when you had your garage door replaced, then it may be time to consider doing so. The fact of the matter is that too many homeowners have cheap garage doors installed that were not providing safety or security in the first place – but as these doors got older, they became even less safe and secure.

Some Garage Door Safety Issues

  • Safety reversal – Up until the early-mid nineties, there was only one real option for automatic safety systems – mechanical. These systems will detect if they meet resistance from an object in the way of the door as it closes and automatically reverse the motors. Mechanical reversal systems were very prone to failure and sometimes the injuries caused by a door closing on someone could be sever or even life threatening. If you have an older door, you may have a problem you don’t know about yet.

    Modern garage doors have multiple electronic sensors installed, all linked back to the motor to either stop the door moving or to reverse it.

  • Older technology – Do you have a remote control for your garage door? If it is coded to your home using DIP switches, these can very easily be hacked – allowing almost anyone into your home, or at least into an area where tools are available to allow them to break in more easily.

    With a garage door supplied by Sesame Garage Doors, you get a modern and very secure remote opening system that can even be operated from an app on your smartphone.

  • A noisy door – If your garage is attached to your home and is very noisy, then it is probably causing frustration or even disturbing your sleep. It is probably that your door is being opened by a motor attached to the door via a chain (similar to a bicycle chain). Sesame Garage Doors provide connection to the motor via rubber belt or an enclosed gearbox, making them virtually silent when operating.

Do you need your garage door safety checked? Simply call us and Sesame Garage Doors will arrange for a technician to call in and discuss your options.

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