How do I lock a Gliderol door manually?

A power outage or a motor failure can force you to operate your garage door manually. Knowing how to keep your garage safe from thieves can give you peace of mind at all times. Here is how to lock your Gliderol door manually:

Zip-tie the manual release latch

Putting a zip tie on the manual release latch is an excellent way to manually lock your Gliderol door. Garage door openers normally have an emergency release lever that helps to unlock the door during a power outage. However, thieves can use this method to gain unauthorised access to your garage. You can prevent the door from being pulled and opened using the zip tie option.

Lock the garage door’s vertical track

A Gliderol garage door cannot be opened if the vertical track is locked. Use a padlock to lock it and nobody will gain access to your garage. You don’t have to worry if there are no holes present in the vertical track. A drill bit for metal and a hand drill can help you drill the necessary holes.

Garage side lock

You can lock the door using a side lock, which can be attached inside the garage door. It is locked by sliding the latch into the vertical track of the Gliderol garage door. You can install the side lock using four bolts. Remember that you can use a metal drill bit and a hand drill to drill holes for the side lock if they are missing. If your garage door lacks an area for the latch to slide into, look for the removable square knockout.

Unplug the garage door opener

Thieves can use a special device to grab the signal from the remote to your Gliderol garage door. Unplugging the garage door opener is an excellent way to secure your garage door, especially if you will be away for some time.

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