How much room do you need for a garage door opener and roller door?

Are you thinking of installing roller doors in your home garage or commercial property? Is space a bit tight? We’ve got the solution for you.

The Glidermatic GRD+

If you haven’t got much side room for your garage roller door or door opener, then the Glidermatic GRD+ is the perfect operator for you. In fact, it’s the only operator in Australia that will work in situations where there is restricted side room on both sides of your roller door.

The slimline drive unit is completely encased inside the roll of the door. It doesn’t take up more room than the width of the garage door, which makes it a very practical roller door option.

There are supporting brackets at a higher level than the door opening which need to be fitted wider than the roller. An additional 25 mm on each side of the garage door opening will be sufficient.

The Rol•a•matic GRII

Another option is the Rol•a•matic GRII, which is designed to work with Gliderol doors as well as doors made by other manufacturers. Thanks to its smart design, it can easily transform manual garage roller doors into doors that you can operate by remote control.

Like the Glidermatic GRD+, the Rol•a•matic GRII fits within the door roll coil. You’ll need at least 25 mm of side room on each side of the garage door opening for the steel supporting brackets. Verify with a Gliderol installer that your existing door roll size is compatible with this option.

A roller door for light industry

For light industry, the Glidermatic GRD Opener is an ideal solution for properties with limited side room. The Drive Unit fits neatly inside the roll of the door and for installation, just 75mm of extra side room is needed (compared to tilt doors or manual push up doors).

Roller doors for tight spaces

So how much side room do you need for a garage door opener and roller door? The answer is you need very little for the above options. So don’t let limited side room stop you from installing automatic roller doors. At Sesame Garage Doors, we have top quality roller doors that will work in your situation. Contact us today to find out more.

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