How to adjust a Gliderol garage door

To make sure your garage door is working just the way you want it to, it’s essential you know how to adjust it correctly. Trying to make adjustments to your door’s travel without knowing how is a recipe for disaster, as moving elements out of place can result in your door becoming stuck or refusing to close fully.

Luckily, travel adjustment for Gliderol garage doors is simple and these tips will help you to get it right first time.

How does the door travel work?

The travel is controlled by cams that rotate and are placed within the drive unit. These function thanks to the gear mechanism that is activated by a limit switch. The inner cam is responsible for the door’s position when closed and the outer for the position when open.

Adjusting the door’s travel

The door will need to be set to manual operation, which can be done via the release lever. You’ll need to take away the gear cover on the cams so that you can see them clearly and move them into place. This will be on top of the drive unit and underneath you’ll find the internal cams. Next, loosen the three gear screws on the cams.

Adjusting the closing position

To change the door’s closing position, you’ll need to lower the door manually to the position you want it to be in. While doing this, make sure you’re looking at the rotation direction of the cam that’s the furthest on the inside. You’ll need to rotate this cam in the same direction, waiting for the inner limit switch to be activated.

Adjusting the opening position

For the opening position, manually move the door upwards to where you want it to sit when open. Make sure that the bar at the bottom doesn’t make contact with the guide stop. Again as with the closing position, watch for the direction the outermost cam rotates in and rotate it until the outer limit switch is activated.

Finish off

Make sure all the cam screws are tightened back up and the release lever is back in its original position. Gently position the door up or down so that the pin engagement locks it into place.

Photo: Garage by Dushan and Miae licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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