How to get a Timber Look Garage Door With a New Steel Door

Steel Has Many Advantages Over Wood – So Why Not Have a Timber Look Garage Door?

Your home represents your style, interests and tastes, both inside and out. The style of home you choose, the colours you paint it in and the way you organise your garden all speak volumes. However, all too often one part of your house stands out from the rest and spoils the overall appearance. Standard garage doors do the job they are meant to, keeping your vehicle safe and out of the harm’s way, but they hardly add to the value and visual joy of your home. A timber look garage door may be the answer.

It is, however, possible to achieve perfection with a high‑quality garage door that not only provides security but also fits the exterior of your home.

The right look for the right home

If your home combines a classical look with urban architecture, you need a timber look garage door that does the same. With an old, wooden look on a steel base, the Colorgrain garage door is the ideal solution for the purpose.

Described as having a ‘neoclassical style’, the door comes in a range of colours and models that suit any style of home. In addition, this style of garage door provides you with an opportunity to opt for a wood grain effect finish and choose from a plethora of window options.

Maintaining safety and security

As well as looking stunning, the Colorgrain garage door provides all of the safety and security aspects that you would expect. The door itself is made from galvanized steel. The wood grain effect is created on a specially formulated overlay with a polyester paint coating.

The entire unit is fully weatherproofed so that your vehicle and other items that are stored in your garage are less likely to succumb to the effects of the weather, such as water damage, mold, and rust.

The door also comes with reinforced hinges and galvanized steel track to give you additional piece of mind. The door sections come complete with a lifetime warranty and even the paint on the moldings has a ten‑year warranty against cracking or peeling.

Choosing your door

To find your perfect garage door, simply visit the Design Centre by clicking the ‘create it’ button and your journey begins. Get your wooden look by choosing the Colorgrain model and then work through the different patterns colours and overlays until you reach your perfect finish.

And don’t forget about the size and window options. If none of the predetermined sizes fit your needs, choose ‘Other Size’ option. Once you’ve finished and happy with your choices, simply click for your free quote.

Dream garage door for your dream house

If you’re tired of looking at an outdated garage door that no longer fits with your style, now is the time to call Sesame Garage Doors and design the door of your dreams. Not only will it add to the pleasure you will gain from your home now and in the future, but it will also help protect the contents of your garage for years to come.

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