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Is a Timber Look Garage Door as Good as the Real Thing?

Timber is a wonderfully natural building material that can adapt to many uses and definitely adds style to any home. So naturally, when you are choosing materials for your new garage door, you want the best. However, we would strongly suggest you look at using a timber look garage door – as they offer many benefits over real wood.

They can still compliment your home with a natural, timber look finish – but without the price tag. They are also less hassle and have less maintenance headaches that come with real timber.

Timber look garage doors offer many benefits over natural wood.

A Timber Look Garage Door Offers Low Maintenance

A timber look garage door is almost visibly indistinguishable from the real this. They are usually manufactured from steel and designed to look like real timber. Modern painting methods and finishes offer a real timber look. However, steel does not require much maintenance at all. It is strong and durable and you don’t need to keep re-sealing as you would with real wood.

Timber Look Garage Doors Cost Less

Steel is a relatively cheap raw material. The manufacturing process is quicker and less complicated, meaning lower labour costs. A timber look garage door does not require thick panels to be strong and durable. Therefore steel doors are much lighter and require less powerful machinery in the opening mechanisms.

Pest Resistance & Safety

As there is no organic material for termites to eat, a timber look garage door offers the homeowner more resistance to termites. Steel doors also do not warp or split – another bad aspect of real wood.

Wood is also flammable, steel even offers protection against flames.

Sesame Garage Doors offer a range of timber look garage door from Gliderol. Contact us today for a free measure & quote.

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